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Bright colors

Product was easy to use , make sure to let the paint run down the sponge part for a a bit , then wait a few minutes before writing, easy to use & the colors are bright.

Rene Hernandez verified buyer

Window Chalk Markers - 15mm Jumbo Nib Neon Colors | Pack of 8

Endless chalk marker fun!

Discover endless ways to use these jumbo chalk markers with their versatile 3-in-1 15mm nib. Enjoy creating and illustrating not just on chalkboards, but on any non-porous surface like glass, plastic, ceramics, white boards, and many more, too—the sky’s the limit to what you can do! Perfectly safe for kids and 100% non-toxic, art enthusiasts of all ages are going to love using these chalk pens whenever creativity strikes!

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Kid Safe + Non-toxic
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3-in-1 Nib

Each one of these pens can be used to make bold lines, wide lines, or thin fine lines. Imagine the creative journeys you can take!

Makes Teaching More Exciting

Teachers are always looking for more creative ways to capture children’s interest from kindergarten classrooms to high school. Students of all ages will be feel inspired by the creative avenues these markers open in their imaginations.

Add WOW! to your Business

With these 3-in-1 pens you can turn nearly anything into a work of art. Use them on signs, display goods, car windows, glass doors, school boards, LED boards, or any other non-porous surface. You’ll find that these pens are the perfect attention-getter for your business!

Made for Non-Porous Surfaces

If you use it on porous surfaces, it will absorb the chalk ink and might not erase completely and leave ghosting effect. However, if you use it on non-porous surfaces, it will be easy for you to erase it using a wet wipe cloth.

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Finally...some BIG chalk pens!
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