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These were absolutely amazing markers. I was able to use them on many surfaces including porous surfaces and the art I made with them was one of my favourite pieces ever! They were beautiful, vibrant, and streak-free! A must buy!

KissMyCreative YTube verified buyer

Vintage Colour Liquid Chalk Markers - Pack of 10


Create artworks in timeless colors

Enjoy creating artworks in 10 dreamy pastel shades with this versatile pack of liquid chalk markers. Whether you’re into lettering, designing, illustrating, coloring, journaling, or writing, these non-toxic, vintage-hued chalkboard pens will surely add that retro charm to your creations. Featuring a leak-proof reversible nib, you can do thick strokes or fine details easily, guaranteeing a fun, hassle-free, and mess-free art project all the time!

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Kid Safe + Non-toxic
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10 Classic Pastel Colors

Use these liquid chalk pens to design on arts and craft Paper, Books, Hand Lettering, Stencils.

A Blast For Families, Students, and Customers

Whether you’re a mom looking for holiday decorating with kids, a teacher finding clean alternative to standard chalk, or a business, office or restaurant owner, our markers make creating beautiful messages effortless.

Comes Off As Easy As It Went On

Our water based ink is washable and delivers smudge & dust free - flowing lines that go on smooth and quick dry within minutes. A mere wipe of a wet paper towel will remove your finished ink easily from any non-porous surface.

Kid Safe and Odor Free

Our dustless, non toxic formula is both eco-friendly and safe for use at home.

Customer Reviews

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Lauren Beeby

Vintage Colour Liquid Chalk Markers - Pack of 10

Love them!

Totally fab! Great colours! Fun!

Amazon Customer
Easy to use and clean!

I love these, we brought them to fill some time in lock down with window art but these have turned into so much more. She’s taken to using them on a glass table top to practice her spellings or multiplication tables etc. It’s more fun than pencil and paper so when I suggest getting them out it always gets a cheer.... if it gets her to engage rather than moan what’s not to like? And they clean off easily enough, wipe with a wet cloth then dry with kitchen towel! Done, the tables now a table again and she hasn’t moaned her way through yet more home schooling!

Great fun

My niece loved them! The writing on the packaging was all in broken English with many spelling mistakes which was bizarre to see.

Amazon Customer
Really like the pastel colours and their names 😊👍

I'm making art pieces to go in childrens rooms....wanted some felt pens.For adults !

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