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My teen loves them

I got them for my kid's project. I got different colors and types from the same company.My kid is decorating a bookcase and put a layer of sealer to protect the chalk.The chalk is wonderful!!I even want some for me!!

Veronica Zambrano verified buyer

Chalkboard Markers | 6mm Reversible Nib Classic Earth Colours | Pack of 8

Unique chalk marker color palette!

A must-have for all art enthusiasts. Create stunning artworks on any non-porous surface in rich and vibrant tones like Brick Red, Moss Green, Purple, Yellow, Green. Do different strokes and techniques with the chalk markers’ reversible nib, and make your creations stand out for menu boards, welcome signs, displays, homeware, announcements at work, in the classroom, or at home. Order your set today and see why these chalk pens are such a popular hit!

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Kid Safe + Non-toxic
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8 Rich and Earthy Colors

Use these earthy liquid chalk pens for striking artworks, calligraphy, scrapbooking, displays, menus, signs, and more!

A Blast for All Art Creators

Whether you want to embark on an art-venture with the kids at home, add more charm to your classroom lessons, display eye-catching signs for your business, our markers make creating vivid and striking messages and designs effortless.

Comes Off as Easy as it Went On

Our high-quality, water-based ink is washable and delivers smudge- and dust-free application–with saturated, precise, and flowing fine lines that go on smooth and dry within minutes. When you’re ready to start fresh, a mere wipe of a damp cloth will remove your finished ink completely and easily from any non-porous surface.

Kid-Safe and Odor-Free

Our xylene-free, dustless, and non-toxic formula is both eco-friendly and safe to use for kids, adults, and those who have allergies. It’s worry-free creating all the time with these awesome chalk markers!

Customer Reviews

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Charlotte Spencer
Really fab colours and easy to draw/write with.

My kids love the chalkola markers and they are easy to hold/draw with. The colours are fab and vibrant and they last really well. The only downside is my 3 year old sometimes puts them down without the lids on and they mark the carpet or the area that she puts them down on.

Jane B.
Great colours

Lovely colours, strong colours too


In general very good product.Cleaning remember me school times lolI recommend it.

They work

Very good

Lovely coloured chalk pens

Arrived quickly, despite everything. I'm using these to decorate my windows and draw on paving stones. Really nice colours, lovely chalk pens. Thankyou!

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